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What Fuels Our Spirit of Resistance?

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An Unwillingness to Stand Still. 

Have you ever dreamed of stepping off the treadmill and following your passion? Of living life with purpose and defining success on your own terms? That's exactly what Kimberly and Kirk did when they founded Resistance Wine Company.

Kimberly's journey with wine began when she lived in Chile and caught the wine bug. She returned to Washington DC, where she met Kirk and planned on going to law school to become a wine lawyer. Kimberly introduced Kirk to the world of wine through tastings, and he slowly fell in love with the combination of wine, amazing places, and memorable conversations and of course, Kimberly. Together, they had incredible wine experiences on trips to Tuscany, Chile, Napa and more.

Perhaps you have your own memories of great wine experiences, celebrations, or moments that have stayed with you. The power of wine to bring people together, to create unforgettable memories, and to enhance the beauty of life is something that Kimberly and Kirk discovered on their journey.

Their spirit of resistance was fueled by a desire to step off the treadmill and follow their passion. Kimberly led the way by starting to make wine in the basement of their family home in Washington DC. Kirk, an entrepreneur and author with a talent for creating successful businesses, jumped in to create the business plan for Resistance Wines.

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Resistance Doesn’t Stop with Getting Off the Treadmill. 

The couple moved across the country to the Oregon border, near Ashland. Kimberly re-educated herself in chemistry and winemaking best practices at UC Davis and went through a trial-by-fire introduction to plumbing before she was ready to make wine again—this time on her own terms. And so, the Resistance Wine Company was born.

Kimberly's wines buck the conventions of many traditional winemakers. They do not have additives and focus on sustainable, low intervention and natural solutions. In the vineyard, people are prioritized over machines, and large-scale fermentations and wine manipulations are avoided. The result is highly individual wines that vary in taste each vintage and do not harm the planet.

Their roots in Oregon’s Rogue Valley, a few miles from the California border, allow them to experiment with different varietals. It’s not a one-varietal kind of region, and that’s how they like it. Week in, week out, they watch, learn, bring credit unions into the digital age (Kirk), practice law (Kimberly), cook, shuffle their children from horse stables to basketball courts to LEGO robotics studios, and cast a perplexed eye to the ever-changing skies of Southern Oregon. But always, they dedicate themselves to making the next great wine for you to enjoy.

Every time you open a bottle of Resistance Wine, you’re part of the resistance. In drinking a glass, you’re supporting farming, winemaking, and life done right: with passion, care, intention, and integrity. So, have a glass, share a bottle, and join the resistance. Remember your own dreams and aspirations, and let the spirit of resistance fuel your own journey.