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July 30, 2020 | Resistance Wine Company

Best Ways to Drink with Friends During Quarantine

The COVID-19 pandemic has really, really bummed us all out. People’s health and wellness are at risk, businesses are closing, and there’s no real end in sight. Believe us—we Google it every day, and the stats are depressing.

To make matters worse, proper social distancing means that we can’t even see our friends anymore. Or at least, not in normal ways. Which has made it really hard to share a drink with anyone.

But there has to be a silver lining somewhere, right? There must be some workaround…

So, without further ado, we present our top five ways to drink with friends during quarantine.

1.  Video Conferencing over Zoom

It doesn’t have to be Zoom. It could be Skype, Facetime, Webex, or whatever. But video chat has been a major help to people who want to feel connected to their friends, family, and coworkers again.

Pros: no chance at infection, no loud din at bars, can mute sound or pause camera for any reason (like a fart).

Cons: no easy way to ensure both people enjoy the same drink, requires working camera, can still feel impersonal.

2.  Porch Drinking with Masks

Physically-distanced drinking sessions are completely viable. Sitting 6–8 feet apart is so, so much like the real thing. And even if you have to raise your voice to speak through the mask at a distance, you’re still shouting less than you would at a bar.

Pros: actually see your friends, share the same drink (same bottle of wine, same six pack), spend time outside.

Cons: higher risk of infection, requires an outdoor space to drink, is very weather-dependent.

3.  Drinking and Games

 You’ve heard of drinking. You’ve heard of games. Heck, you’ve probably even heard of drinking games (of course you have, you lush). But did you know that computer and console games make great drinking activities with friends? Just pull up your Xbox, Switch, Playstation, or computer.

For larger groups, try something social, like Quiplash. For smaller groups, racing games like Mario Kart are always appropriate.

Pros: gives you something fun to do, creates great memories, can easily turn into a drinking game.

Cons: video can be spotty or distracting, requires everyone to have the same game platform, can easily turn into a drinking game.

4.  Call Your Mother

She’s worried sick about you! And she’d love to hear from you. Who knows, maybe you can enjoy a nice glass of Resistance Wine Co’s syrah while she gets slammed on pinot grigio with ice cubes in it.

Pros: just do it.

Cons: not gonna touch this.

5.  Drink Alone or with Your Household

Boring, but safe. Very safe. If you can’t trick your roommate(s), family, or partner into drinking with you on occasion, then we are so sorry. If you live alone—or with a teetotaler, which may be worse—then you can always drink alone. We do it all the time, and look how well we turned out!

Pros: suuuper safe, can drink the same drinks without worry, can play in-person games and even touch.

Cons: this is hardly a solution, it’s still pretty lonely, you’re probably tired of this option already.

6.  Skip Social Distancing Guidelines and Drink with Friends Like Normal!

Don’t do this. This is making everything worse. This is dragging things out. Please stop gathering. Please wear masks. For the love of god, be safe and be patient.

Pros: it’s like the pandemic isn’t even real, can touch friends, get to “go back to normal.”

Cons: this is why we can’t have nice things, endangers the lives of everyone involved, is stupid.

Final Thoughts

There are our six ways to socially distance while drinking. Five, really. We just thought you should call your mom.

But there is one more potential way to drink responsibly while social distancing!

If you live in Ashland, Oregon, we can hand-deliver a package of local wine, cheese, bread, truffles, and flowers during any Saturday in September. Want to save a spot for the 2nd Stimulus Date Night Box? Simply send us an email and we’ll put you on the list! We have only 48 spots open total, so they’ll go very fast.


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