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Kirk Drake
June 15, 2024 | Kirk Drake

Explore Ashland: A Guide to the Best Things to Do in a Distinctly Resistance Style

Things to Do In Ashland Oregon

Welcome to Ashland, where the quirky meets the quaint, and every corner offers a new adventure. This guide isn’t just about visiting; it's about experiencing Ashland through a lens that's as unique as a bottle of our boldest Rosé. Let's start this offbeat journey through town!

Mount Ashland Stargazing

Mount Ashland isn't just for skiers; it's a top spot for stargazers too. After the sun dips, the real show begins with a spectacular display of stars and galaxies. It’s a place where the universe seems just a touch closer, so bring a blanket, lie back, and gaze up into the cosmic ballet of the night skies.

Grizzly Peak Hike

Looking for breathtaking views? Grizzly Peak delivers with a trail that promises vistas of the Rogue Valley that are nothing short of revolutionary. It's the perfect spot for those who love their trails with a side of awe-inspiring panoramas. Make sure to pack water and a camera, because you’re not going to want to forget these views.  The hike is about a 45 minute drive and available June to November.  Be on the lookout for rattlesnakes.   The loop is about 5 to 6 miles with some elevation at the beginning and is a lovely 2 hour or so way to start your morning!

Bear Creek Bike Path - Water Leaf

Ride or stroll along the Bear Creek Bike Path and make a pit stop at Water Leaf for some spontaneous flower picking. This charming activity isn't just about the flowers; it's about enjoying the simple joys of life at a leisurely pace.

Mix Bakery - Affogato and Macarons

Indulge in the delightful collision of coffee and dessert at Mix Bakery. Grab an affogato and a few macarons, and savor the sweet rebellion against choosing just one treat. It's a taste of local sweetness that perfectly mirrors Ashland's charm.

Schneider Museum of Art

Inject some culture into your visit at the Schneider Museum of Art. This isn't your standard art museum; it's a portal to new perspectives and thought-provoking works. Expect to leave with more questions than answers, and a newfound appreciation for the avant-garde.

Oregon Cabaret Theater

Catch a show at the Oregon Cabaret Theater, where the performances are as rich in flavor as our vintage wines. It’s a mix of humor, drama, and that unmistakable Ashland eccentricity, all rolled into one unforgettable theatrical experience.

Resistance Wine Co. - Vertical Flight of Rosé

No visit to Ashland is complete without stopping by Resistance Wine Co. for a vertical flight of Rosé. Discover the subtle changes from one vintage to another and find your favorite expression of our craft.  Visit our tasting room at 322 N Pioneer Street in Downtown Ashland just 4 blocks from the plaza.



US Forestry Forensic Lab

For a change of pace, explore the US Forestry Forensic Lab. It’s a fascinating peek into the science behind forest conservation and crime prevention. Who knew science could be so intriguing?

Growler Guys

Unwind at Growler Guys, where the beer flows as freely as the conversations. It’s the perfect spot for craft beer aficionados.  If you want a kambucha, fire pits, and a chill vibe it is great for those  looking to relax and recap their Ashland adventures.

Dinner at Bar Juliet

End your day with dinner at Bar Juliet, where every dish tells a story. The menu is a culinary adventure, blending local ingredients with exotic flavors in a setting that’s as stylish as it is welcoming.

Rogue Valley Roasters

Start your morning or wrap up your day at Rogue Valley Roasters with a robust cup of coffee. It’s not just a caffeine kick—it’s your invitation to take on the day with gusto, or to unwind with a well-deserved break.


Ashland is a playground for the curious, the adventurous, and those who appreciate the finer things in life. From the peaks of Mount Ashland to the cozy corners of our local coffee shops, every experience is steeped in local flavor and Resistance flair.

Ready to explore Ashland in true Resistance style? Join us at Resistance Wine Co. and let’s raise a glass to adventures in our quirky town!  Click here to check out our Tasting Room

This guide aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the top things to do in Ashland, tailored in the engaging and slightly rebellious tone of Resistance Wine Co., ensuring a memorable visit for adventurers and culture seekers alike.


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