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Kirk Drake
June 18, 2024 | Kirk Drake

Family-Friendly Winery Fun: Things for Teens to Do While You Enjoy a Glass at Resistance Wine Company

6 Things for Your Kids To Do While you Sip Wine at Resistance Wine Company

Growing up, my parents dragged my sister and I to every toy train store and antique store up and down the west coast.  I still break into cold sweats when I hear the sound of the choo choo…

At Resistance Wine Company, we believe that a memorable wine-tasting experience can be family-friendly. While you savor our exquisite wines, your teens can explore the delightful activities Ashland has to offer. Here are some exciting and safe options for teens to enjoy, ensuring that everyone has a fantastic time.  Just to be clear- this list was sourced by Jasper Drake for things for teens in Ashland Oregon. 

1. Ashland Skatepark: For the Adventurous Teen

Kid Friendly WineryJust a 7-minute walk from our winery, the Ashland Skatepark is perfect for teens who love skateboarding or BMX biking. With ramps and rails to keep them entertained, they can practice their skills while you enjoy your tasting. To keep an eye on them, you can use the skate park webcam

Pro Tip: Ensure your teen has a charged phone and a helmet for safety.

2. Matcha (BobaTea) and Mix (Cookies): Cozy Hangouts with Friends

If your teen prefers a more relaxed setting, both Matcha and Mix are great options within a short walking distance. Matcha, just 9 minutes away, offers foosball and board games, making it ideal for socializing with friends. Mix, 7 minutes away, is perfect for grabbing a sandwich or pastry. Both places are excellent for teens who enjoy a cozy atmosphere.  

Pro Tip: Provide your teen with a book or device to keep them occupied.

3. Lithia Park: A Natural Playground

Lithia Park, a longer walk from our winery, offers expansive fields, a playground, and beautiful walking trails. It's a fantastic spot for teens who love the outdoors and want to explore nature. While it requires a bit more time to get there, the park can easily occupy them for a couple of hours.

Pro Tip: Ensure your teen has a buddy and a map of the park for easy navigation.

4. Noble Coffee: Quiet Time with a Good Book

For teens who enjoy reading, Noble Coffee is a serene spot just a 7-minute walk away. With a quieter ambiance, it's an excellent place for teens to dive into a book while you indulge in your wine tasting. Although we haven't been there often, it comes highly recommended for its peaceful environment.

Pro Tip: Pack their favorite book or a reading device to keep them entertained.

5. Ashland Library: A Bookworm’s Haven

A 14-minute walk from the winery, Ashland Library is perfect for teens who love reading and exploring new books. The library offers a quiet space and plenty of reading material, though it doesn’t have food options. Make sure your teen knows how to navigate the library’s computer system to find the books they’re interested in.

Pro Tip: Ensure your teen is comfortable walking and knows the route back to the winery.


6. Railroad Park’s Nearby Basketball Court and Playground (Choo choo)

For those who enjoy sports, a nearby basketball court and playground offer another great option. While it’s in a sketchier area, it's just a 7-minute walk away and provides a space for shooting hoops or playing on the playground. It’s best suited for older teens and is more enjoyable with a friend.  We keep a basketball on hand…

Pro Tip: If Jasper is there - bring your “A” game

Personalized Suggestions

If none of these options fit your teen’s interests, feel free to ask us for more personalized suggestions. Let us know what your teen enjoys, and we’ll help find the perfect activity for them while you relax with a glass of wine.


At Resistance Wine Company, we’re dedicated to making your visit enjoyable for the whole family. With these activities, your teens can have fun and stay entertained while you savor our great wine expereince. Cheers to a kid friendly winery outing that everyone will remember!

Ready to plan your visit? Check out our tasting schedule and book your spot today. We look forward to welcoming you and your family!



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