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Resistance Wine Company
March 12, 2020 | Resistance Wine Company

What Fuels Our Spirit of Resistance?

After a move across the country, re-education in chemistry, learning winemaking best practices at UC Davis, and a trial-by-fire introduction to plumbing, Kimberly was ready to make wine again—this time on her own terms. And so, Resistance Wine Company arose.

Today, the first bottles of Syrah and rosé are available. And they’re good. No shortcuts.

People often ask Kirk and Kimberly—so, what are you resisting? We’re glad you asked. Resistance Wine Company takes a stand against industry practices that sacrifice wine quality in the interest of profit and scale. Like what? Well, to name a few…

  • Mechanization of many vineyard tasks, which doesn’t (yet) match the quality of human efforts
  • Inorganic treatments in the vineyard where natural, organic solutions exist
  • Large-scale fermentations which sacrifice the individuality of different vineyard sites
  • Winemaking by recipe trying to produce the same wine from different conditions each vintage
  • Additives we wouldn’t use if wine labels required an ingredient list

Every time you open a bottle of our wine, you’re part of the resistance. In drinking a glass, you’re supporting farming and winemaking and life done right: with care, intention, and integrity.

The spark of resistance for us started with the desire to step off the treadmill and follow passion. To live life with purpose and spend time on something worthwhile. To appreciate what’s good and define success on our own terms. We invite you to join us. Have a glass. Share a bottle. Here’s to the spirit (and spirits?) of resistance!

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