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What We Stand For

Resistance Wine Company focuses on small, sustainably-farmed vineyards and small batch, minimally invasive wines personally tended throughout the vinification process. We resist industrial-scale winemaking and wines. We’re confident that the extra care we put into each bottle is reflected in the taste and experience.

– Kimberly and Kirk Drake


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Resistance Wine Company
January 29, 2021 | Resistance Wine Company

The Valleys of Oregon Wine: Willamette, Rogue, and more

There’s nothing flat about West Coast wine. California and Oregon wine country is characterized by mountains and valleys that keep our microclimates interesting. Napa Valley may be the USA’s most famous wine region and the Willamette Valley is Oregon’s… so far. Oregon is so much more than just Pinot Noir. Read on to discover what you should drink from where.  Continue »

Resistance Wine Company
September 14, 2020 | Resistance Wine Company

So Many Reasons to Drink Local Wine

The Rogue Valley produces truly premium wine, which should be reason enough to drink local. But if you need more reasons, noodle on these...  Continue »