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Welcome To The Resistance!

We make wine to contribute something honest, outstanding, and interesting to the world.

We’ve been drinking wine since dates we won’t put in writing, and drinking wine together since meeting in Washington, DC in October of 2000. We’ve always appreciated good wine, in the many forms and price points it occupies. Good wine is, to us, one of life’s pure pleasures.

But there’s only so much satisfaction to be found in consumption. We traveled often in our 20s, 30s, and 40s, and we explored different wine regions, met great people, we had great meals with great wine. We found a love for small, boutique wineries where the owners loved great wine, obsessed over details (meaningless and real), were on their own journey, and liked to share their unique discoveries with customers.

Finally, after many trips, dreams, false starts, and attempting to make some wine in our Virginia basement, it was time to take the leap.

In 2016, we put down roots (yes, I went there) in Oregon’s Rogue Valley, a few miles from the California border. It’s hot in the summer, windy in the winter, different from one mile to the next, and generally an exciting place to grow and make lots of different wines. It’s not a one-varietal kind of region, and that’s how we like it.

We made our first vintage of wine in 2017 in true Rogue Valley fashion: with the help of friends and neighbors and without a preconceived result. We resolved to take the fruit we had and let it shine in the bottle.

And shine it did! All four borrowed barrels of it. We don’t look for validation from establishment stalwarts (ahem, Parker scores), but we do value the kind words and encouragement we’ve received from all of you who have been with us from vintage #1. Our heartfelt thanks for all of it.

In the last five years, we’ve been inspired to make several other delicious wines, including malbec, rosé, pinot noir, and sauvignon blanc. We’ve also planted a test block of our own vineyard – more on that adventure as it unfolds. Kimberly has deepened her knowledge of winemaking through classes at UC Davis, purple hands, punchdowns, miles upon miles of vineyard sampling walks (or sprints, as the sun gets higher in the sky), and, with gratitude, the wisdom and experience of several talented winemakers. We’ve also had the pleasure of growing relationships with other local makes; our wines shine even brighter in the company of rich chocolate truffles, crusty fresh bread, soft cheeses, piquant preserves, and fresh cut flowers.

And even though we’ve now made five vintages of syrah, each one is different. That’s because we continue as we began: by getting to know our valley and our fruit, learning respectful farming and fermenting techniques, taking with grace what nature offers us, and finding what makes each vintage special.

So week in, week out, we watch, we learn, we bring credit unions into the digital age (Kirk), we practice law (Kimberly), we cook, we shuffle our children from horse stables to basketball courts to LEGO robotics studios, and we cast a perplexed eye to the ever-changing skies of Southern Oregon. But always, we dedicate ourselves to making the next great wine.