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Join The Resistance!

This is it: the moment has arrived, and it's time for you to chose a side. No longer will you be forced to sit on the sidelines and watch as all of your friends and neighbors decide what to drink. This is your time to speak your mind, nurture your tastebuds and join the Resistance Wine Club! 


As one of our members, you'll receive:
  • A 15% off discount on all purchases made in person and though our website

  • Exclusive club member only offers sent right to your inbox and easily redeemable on our website 

  • First access to all new vintages and labels prior to their release to the general public

  • Invites to all member only virtual tastings, events and parties

  • Bragging rights as part of the finest wine club highlighting the still undiscovered and magical growing region of Southern Oregon

Shipments will occur twice a year (April & October) and contain a minimum of three wines each round.


Take a look below to find the club that best fits you, and let's start a revolution together!


Left Club - All White

For the fans of the lighter side of life. Harness your inner love for all things crisp and chilled. The Left Club has wine so progressive, you'll fight for universal distribution of it. Just sit back and watch as you become the hit of every local animal shelter fundraiser. So throw on those sandals, pull the electric car off of the charger and start making signs; because you're going to protest not signing up earlier.


Join Left Club

Independent Club - Mix

Why force yourself into a box when you can have the best of both worlds? There's nothing wrong with holding strong beliefs in aspects of all of the wines. Cross the aisle and become a member of the Independent Club. Variety is the spice of life, and you'll be ready to please any palate that walks through your door. With each shipment, you'll be uniquely positioned to bring together all of the factions in your life.


Join Independent Club

Right Club - All Red

Rich, decadent and... dare I say... fiscally responsible.You know Adam Smith's invisible hand was reaching right for a bottle of our Malbec. Speak softly and carry a big red as part of the Right Club. This selection of our boldest offerings is here to cut all of life's taxes and help you project power at every social event you bring a bottle to. Sign up now, and be a part of a Grand Old Premier Cru. 


Join Red Club