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Exploring the Robust World of Rogue Valley Syrah:

Introduction to Syrah: A Grape Variety Full of Character

Syrah, renowned for its vibrant color and substantial body, is a cornerstone of both Old World and New World wine regions. Known for its versatility and depth, this varieatal flourishes particularly well in the varied climates of Oregon, drawing comparisons to its storied origins in France and its bold expressions in other parts of the world. At Resistance Wine Co., our Syrah is crafted to showcase the full-bodied complexity and rich flavor profile typical of this distinguished red wine. Here's a quick overview of our vintages:

Tasting Notes: A Symphony of Bold Flavors and Oak Aging

This wines flavors are characterized by a powerful and assertive taste, underpinned by a medley of ripe dark fruits like blackberry and plum, supported by the sophisticated integration of oak aging. The wine's deep, almost opaque color mirrors its dense and rich fruit flavors, each sip enveloping the palate with layers of complexity brought out by the nuanced touch of French oak. Often it is described as black pepper or red fruit. 

Southern Oregon Syrah Flavor Profile and Food Pairings

The flavor profile of this Rhone varietal is daring and robust, with a strong presence of dark berry flavors enhanced by the aromatic infusion of oak. This creates a Syrah taste that is unmistakably Resistance Wine Co. This wine pairs excellently with bold, hearty dishes such as grilled meats, especially lamb and beef, enhancing the smoky flavors of the grill. It also pairs well with strong cheeses, providing a harmonious balance to the intense flavors of the wine.

Syrah's Global Journey: From French Roots to International Acclaim

French Syrah, from the Northern Rhone region in France,  is often noted for its finesse and spice, while its counterparts from other regions, like Australia (where it's known as Shiraz), boast a bolder, fruit-forward style. At Resistance Wine Co., we marry these two worlds, offering a Shiraz that honors its French heritage while celebrating the grape’s adaptability and robust nature.

Is Rogue Valley Syrah Sweet or Dry?

This wine is generally made dry. The dry end of the spectrum, characterized by its bold structure and minimal residual sugar. Syrah’s natural composition allows it to develop a rich, full-bodied profile that's typically associated with dry wines. This style emphasizes the grape’s inherent bold flavors without the influence of sweetness, making it a standout choice for those who appreciate a wine with grit and personality.

Other Fun Facts for This Varietal

One of the challenges of the wine wolrd is that grapes and varietals often have different names.  For example in Australia, Syrah is known as Australian Shiraz.   It comes from the Barossa Valley in South Australia and is fruit driven and full bodied.  It is not to be confused with Petite Syrah, which is a totally different varietal or grape.  

Conclusion: A Testament to the Elegance of Syrah

Our Syrah is more than just a beverage; it's a narrative of the grape’s evolution and adaptation across different terroirs and winemaking philosophies. Richly flavored, complex, and aged with care, this wine is ready for immediate enjoyment yet promises further development with age. Whether you're delving into its flavor for a study session or savoring a glass at dinner, our Rhone Valley varietal offers a profound experience that speaks to the soul of its rugged origins.

Pour yourself a glass of our Syrah, indulge in its rich array of flavors, and toast to the enduring legacy of this powerful red wine. Cheers to the bold, the sophisticated, and the beautifully crafted!