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Kirk Drake
May 1, 2024 | Kirk Drake

Ashland Oregon Rogue Valley Wine Guide

Ashland Oregon Winery Guide

If you are visiting, residing, or researching the Rogue Valley Ashland Oregon Wine Scene – this blog is for you!  In this guide we will cover wineries near Ashland Oregon including the following: 

  1. Wineries & Art
  2. Wineries neares OSF and Theater
  3. Most Walkable Wineries
  4. Group Gatherings: 
    1. Weddings
    2. Corporate Events
    3. Friends and Family
  5. Best Wineries with Views
  6. Wineries with Food
  7. Cult Wineries
  8. Boutique Wineries
  9. Wineries with Music (or other enterainment)
  10. Wineries with good outdoor space


Welcome to Ashland, Oregon where the resistance of tradition meshes with the allure of innovation, and every sip of wine is an act of rebellion against the ordinary. In this guide, "A Connoisseur's Guide to Ashland's Wineries: Art, Entertainment, and Tasting," we embrace the maverick spirit of Ashland's winemakers, who marry the age-old art of winemaking with modern twists that challenge the palate and seduce the senses.

Ashland's terroir is not just about the fertile soil, mountain ranges, and favorable climate; it's about a culture steeped in the performing arts, outdoor adventure, a landscape graced with visual masterpieces, and a community that savors the confluence of flavors and experiences. Here, wine tasting is not a mere act—it's an immersive experience that intertwines with the rich tapestry of local art and the internationally acclaimed Oregon Shakespeare Festival, offering a symphony of experiences that are as nuanced as the wines themselves.

In this guide, we uncloak the hidden treasures of Ashland's vineyards, each category a testament to the town's multifaceted charm. From 'Artistic Sips' where the canvas and the vine unite, to the 'Theatrical Prelude' offering a prelude to the evening's drama, to 'Walkable Wineries' that offer a terroir tour by foot—each section is curated to enhance your wine journey, whether you're a solo adventurer seeking solace in the vine, a group making memories, or an art aficionado indulging in the aesthetics of oenology.

So, let us raise a glass to the rebels, the artists, the dreamers, and the soloists, and embark on a taste of Ashland's resistance—where every glass poured defies convention and every moment shared captures the essence of a town that truly lives and breathes the art of winemaking.

In the heart of the Rogue Valley AVA, where creativity flows as freely as the fine wines, there lies a path less trodden—a route that meanders through the vibrant world of visual and performing arts, punctuated by the enigmatic presence of boutique wineries. This is the realm of 'Artistic Sips,' a category that caters to those who wish to indulge their senses in an intoxicating blend of art and viticulture.

I. Artistic Sips: Wineries near Art Galleries and Exhibits, Historic Movie Theaters, Lithia Park

As you traverse the quaint streets of Ashland, each step is an invitation to unravel the stories behind the canvas and the vine. Let us introduce you to the wineries that stand as bastions of culture, where every tasting is a homage to the arts:

Resistance Wine Company -  Nestled near the esteemed Hanson Howard Gallery, this winery occasionally has some local art with an urban winery theme, but also shares a kinship with Ashland's First Friday Artwalk. Resistance Tastings are designed around the founders’ best personal wine tasting experiences from all over the world – they are small, intimate and almost always with the founder or wine maker.  Expect some great stories and engaging experiences along with being the Oregon Wine Experience Best of Show and best Malbec winner in 2023.

Eliana Winery - A quick uber ride from the Schneider Museum of Art, this venue elevates the traditional tasting room experience with regular art exhibits. Brian Jordaan is an amazing host with a sharp wit and great sense of humor.  The wines are 100% estate grown and this small farm stand experience will punch way above its weight.  The majestic view of downtown Ashland from across the valley combined with great wine and an intimate experience make this a must stop.

Looking for something where you can taste a variety of wines (local and more).  Try Alchemy Restaurant and Bar.   They have a great east coast vibe, interesting snacks and a full wine list.  Occasionally, you have to order multiple times as the printed list isn’t always accurate, but you are still likely to find a great wine list with an expansive offering by the glass thanks to their smart use of a Coravin wine preservation system.

These wineries have world class recognition, positioned within the heartbeat of Ashland’s cultural corridor—from the historic Ashland Film Festival venues to the verdant embrace of Lithia Park—offer more than just wine; they provide a sanctuary where art enthusiasts can converge to revel in the shared passion for creativity and craftsmanship. Whether it's the auditory pleasure of a music show or the visual feast of Ashland's art galleries, these wineries enrich the experience, ensuring that every visit resonates with the spirit of expression and the joy of discovery.

As you embark on this journey through Ashland's 'Artistic Sips,' allow the dialogue between artist and winemaker to unfold, revealing a tapestry woven with the richest of cultural threads, all waiting to be discovered one sip at a time.

II.  Pre-show Sips: Savoring Ashland's Downtown Elixirs Before the Curtain Rises

In Ashland, every performance at the theater is not just an act but an event, and what better way to usher in an evening than with a prelude of exquisite local beverages? Nestled within walking distance to the heart of Ashland's cultural venues, Resistance Wine Co., Brickroom, and Growler Guys offer libations that set the stage for a memorable night of artistry and expression.

Resistance Wine Co: This urban gem is a nod to the contemporary spirit of Downton Ashland, located just a short walk from the bustling stages of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, the Oregon Cabaret Theater, and the Oregon Center for the Arts. At Resistance Wine Co., the tasting is an experience in defiance—defiance of the ordinary, with each bottle championing the innovative spirit of modern winemaking. Begin your evening with a glass of their award winning Syrah or Malbec, and let the vibrant atmosphere prime you for the night's performance.

Brickroom:  As the night deepens and the final applause echoes through the Thomas Theatre or Angus Bowmer Theatre, extend your evening at Brickroom. This is the go-to spot for a late-night drink, where the clink of glasses and the murmur of post-show analysis create a backdrop almost as compelling as the play itself. Their curated selection of wines and cocktails offers the perfect epilogue to your theatrical journey.

Growler Guys:  For those who may fancy a frothy alternative, Growler Guys presents an array of beer options alongside a commendable selection of local wines. With over 50 choices on tap and situated conveniently for a pre-show gathering, it's a place where beer aficionados and wine enthusiasts alike can find common ground. A pint of craft beer or a glass of Ashland’s finest—here, you have the freedom to choose your own pre-theater ritual.

In Ashland, the act of enjoying a drink is interwoven with the cultural fabric of the town. Resistance Wine Co., Brickroom, and Growler Guys are not mere establishments; they are experiences that capture the essence of Ashland's convivial spirit. Whether you're toasting to the night with wine or beer, let these downtown favorites be the overture to your evening's main act.

III. Walkable Wineries: Exploring Ashland on Foot

Ashland's charm is best experienced on foot, where the town's vibrant pulse and cultural tapestry come alive step by step. As you explore the historic streets, we invite you to explore three quintessential stops on your vinous voyage—a triad of establishments that help you get a few steps in while you enjoy some great wine!

Resistance Wine Co.: A Toast to Modern Rebellion

Begin at Resistance Wine Co., an urban haven that echoes the contemporary spirit of Ashland. It's a Downtown Ashland winery that challenges convention, offering a tasting experience that celebrates the innovative spirit of modern winemaking. With their award-winning Syrah or Malbec in hand, you're not just taking a sip; you're partaking in a revolution against the ordinary. Each glass is a prelude to Ashland’s nightly performances, situated a mere stroll from the stages of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and other illustrious venues. Let the audacious spirit of Resistance prime your palate and imagination for the evening's cultural banquet.

Alchemy Restaurant and Bar: The East Coast Meets West Coast Wine Alchemy

A short walk brings you to Alchemy Restaurant and Bar, where an East Coast vibe meets West Coast sophistication.

Alchemy doesn't just serve wine; they offer an experience that teases the senses with a full wine list and intriguing snacks. While the printed list may keep you guessing, the extensive selection available by the glass—courtesy of their savvy use of the Coravin wine preservation system—promises a journey through local and renowned wines alike. At Alchemy, the joy is in the discovery, in the serendipitous pleasure of finding the perfect wine or some great French fries.

Water Street Café: Casual Elegance by the Plaza

Conclude your walk at the Water Street Café, a cornerstone of local life and a loving tribute to the vision of Adrienne Hill and the late Nathan Ruff. This outdoor café, nestled at the corner of Water and N. Main Street, is a seasonal gathering place where fresh food and wine flow as generously as the conversations around you. With the popular Cafe Cup in hand, enjoy the local favorite offerings and the casual elegance that makes Water Street Café a treasured spot for both quick bites and leisurely wine sipping.

In Ashland, the walkable wineries are not just venues; they are vignettes of a larger story, each with a distinct character and narrative. Resistance Wine Co., Alchemy Restaurant and Bar, and Water Street Café invite you to a wine odyssey that is as rich and varied as the town itself. Here, every step is a sip into the heart of Ashland's community—the perfect accompaniment to a day spent wandering and wondering in this culturally abundant town.

IV: Group Gatherings: Friends, Family, Co-Workers (and I suppose the occasional bachelorette party)

Ashland’s convivial spirit shines brightest when shared with others. Whether it’s a spirited bachelorette party, a corporate team-building event, or a relaxed family get-together, the town's wineries cater to all, offering diverse experiences that are as unique as the groups themselves.

Bachelorette Celebrations: Toasting to New Beginnings

BelleFiore Winery: This elegant estate is a bachelorette's dream. With its Italianate architecture and stunning gardens, BelleFiore offers a backdrop as delightful as its wines. The bridal party can indulge in a selection of wines that promise to add an air of sophistication to the celebrations.

Red Lily Vineyards: About 45 minutes outside of Ashland, the picturesque settings by the riverbank at Red Lily Vineyards are perfect for those Instagram moments. Bachelorettes can savor bold Tempranillos and enjoy a day filled with laughter and the clinking of glasses, celebrating friendship and future adventures.

RoxyAnn Winery: At RoxyAnn, the celebration continues amidst the rolling hills and classic varietals. With a spacious tasting room and a welcoming atmosphere, it's an ideal spot to raise a toast to the bride-to-be and the journey that awaits her.

Corporate Teams: Blending Work and Pleasure

Dancin Vineyards: With its sweeping views and a variety of Pinot noirs, Dancin is perfect for co-workers to step away from the office and bond over shared experiences. The serene environment fosters team connection, conversation, and collaboration.  Also, they have great pizza.

Resistance Wine Co.: The urban chic of Resistance Wine Co. offers a contemporary space for work teams to meet.  Have your next event in a cool winery and inspire your next great idea! Tastings here can be a casual affair or a structured event, accommodating both informal mixers and organized corporate events.

Irvine & Roberts Vineyards: Emphasizing elegance and tranquility, Irvine & Roberts provides a setting that encourages relaxation and engagement. It's an ideal location for teams to celebrate milestones or to simply enjoy the fruits of their collective labor.

Family and Friends: Memory-Making Moments

Pebblestone Cellars: With its family-friendly vibe, Pebblestone Cellars is the go-to for groups seeking a laid-back experience. Their outdoor space, complete with pizza and live music, ensures a joyful gathering for family and friends alike.

Padigan: Padigan offers a warm setting that feels like home. It's a place where out-of-towners and locals blend seamlessly, sharing stories and creating memories over a shared love for wine.  Come place some bocce ball or sit around a fire pit and enjoy the afternoon sun.

Quady North: Known for its commitment to sustainability and small-batch wines, Quady North presents an authentic

southern Oregon experience.  Quady is about 45 minutes outside of Ashland, deep in the Applegate. The intimate tastings and passionate staff make it an inviting place for groups to learn, laugh, and indulge.  Quady is hugely influential in the Rogue Valley wine scene where they have a custom crush sister company that makes wine for tens of wineries around.  Fun fact - Quady South is a huge producer of dessert wines in California!  Quady North is the second generation version! 

In Ashland, every group, regardless of its nature, will find a place where the wine flows as freely as the conversations, where each tasting room offers a unique story, and where every bottle uncorked has the potential to become a cherished memory shared among friends, family, and colleagues.


V. Want to have a beautiful view to go along with that amazing Pinot Noir?

Ashland is not just a feast for the palate but also a visual delight. For those who appreciate a fine Pinot Noir with a side of stunning vistas, Ashland's wineries offer some of the most picturesque settings in Oregon.

Eliana Wines: The Artistry of Vines and Views

At Eliana, the expansive views of the vineyards and mountains beyond are as complex and captivating as the wines themselves. Here, sipping a glass of their exquisite Tempranillo or Cabernet Franc is an immersive experience, as the beauty of the surrounding landscape unfolds before your eyes, inviting contemplation and conversation.  Sit under the trees or directly in the vineyard while you enjoy a fantastic view. Eliana's wines have world class recognition from San Francisco International Wine Competition and is just a few short minutes from other downtown Ashland wineries.

Irvine & Roberts Vineyards: Elevated Elegance

Perched at a higher elevation, Irvine & Roberts takes pride in not only their varietals but also in the panoramic views they provide. The rolling hills set against a backdrop of the Siskiyou and Cascade ranges offer a serene environment where the horizon is as endless as the list of their wine offerings.  Irvine & Roberts specializes in a variety of Pinot Noir in a gorgeous setting with some great nibbles.

Dana Campbell Vineyards: A Haven Above the Valley

Dana Campbell Winery presents a tranquil retreat atop the hills, overlooking the Bear Creek Valley. Their patio is a perfect spot to unwind with a glass of Malbec, allowing the peaceful ambiance to enhance the nuances of every sip. As the sun sets, the sky's changing colors provide a natural spectacle that pairs flawlessly with the vineyard's selection.

Weisinger Family Winery: Where Wine Meets Wilderness

Nestled in a cozy nook of Ashland, Weisinger Family Winery, one of the original wineries in the valley, offers a rustic charm that is quintessentially Oregon.  It is also the first winery you will come into after crossing the Siskiyou pass off the first exit into Ashland. The views here are intimate, with the vineyard's foliage mingling with the wild beauty of the region. It's a place where the view feels like a secret shared only with those who venture to taste their great wines.

In Ashland, the wineries with breathtaking views remind us that wine tasting is a sensory journey that goes beyond the glass. It's about the harmony between the wine, the land, and the sky—creating moments where every element is in perfect balance, and every taste is a memory made against the canvas of the beautiful Oregon landscape.

VI.  Food and Wine – what goes better than that?

The science of pairing fine wine with exquisite cuisine is an art form in itself, one that some of the Rogue Valley’s wineries have mastered with finesse. For those who seek to indulge their culinary senses, these wineries offer a harmonious blend of flavors that elevate the wine tasting experience. A lot of the wineries here offer gourmet pizza…but a few offer other treats too.

Irvine & Roberts Vineyards: Southern Oregon Pinot Noir

Irvine & Roberts Vineyards prides itself on creating pairings that reflect the local terroir. Their carefully crafted Pinot Noir or Chardonnay, matched with locally-sourced cheeses and charcuterie, speaks to the region's bountiful produce. The

balance of flavors is as thoughtful as it is delicious, providing a seamless connection between the wine and the land from which it came.  You will also find some faux gras and other sourced decadent meats.

Padigan: The Comfort of Classics

Padigan offers a comforting pairing experience, with classic dishes that feel like a warm embrace. Enjoy their bold reds or crisp whites alongside hearty fare that feels homemade. Each pairing is designed to bring out the underlying notes of the wine, ensuring that each bite is a revelation.  Salads, flat bread, hummus etc. are all generally available.

Dancin Vineyards: Choreographed Culinary Delights

At Dancin Vineyards, every food pairing is a dance of flavors. Their menu is a choreographed performance that complements their Italian-inspired wines. From wood-fired pizzas with delicate toppings to sophisticated pasta dishes, the pairings are as elegant as the setting. The result is a culinary experience that is as memorable as it is satisfying.

In the world of Ashland wine, food pairings are more than just an accompaniment; they are a part of the narrative—a story told on the palate with each sip and every morsel. These wineries showcase the best of what the region has to offer, providing a feast for the senses that is as diverse as it is delightful.

VIII.  For Cult Wine Believers

The Rogue Valley, with its diverse microclimates and rich soils, has given rise to an exclusive category of wines that have achieved a cult following. These wines, known for their distinctive flavors and limited production, lack of distribution are the treasures of Oregon's viticulture. Let's explore the wineries that have contributed to this esteemed reputation with their exceptional offerings. Most of these you really can’t get outside of the Rogue Valley, I mean who exports the good stuff?

Resistance Wine Co.: The Defiant Maverick

Resistance Wine Co. stands out amongst the wineries in Ashland Oregon with its bold and innovative approach to winemaking. Garnering a cult status among enthusiasts, their limited production wines, such as their robust Syrah and expressive Malbec, are sought after for their rebellious spirit and exceptional quality. The urban setting of their tasting room in downtown Ashland adds to their allure, making their wines some of the most talked-about in the region.

Eliana Wines: The Sophisticated Virtuoso

Eliana has quietly risen to cult status by consistently producing wines that capture the essence of the Rogue Valley's terroir. With meticulous attention to detail and a dedication to sustainable practices, Eliana's wines, particularly their Bordeaux blends, have a dedicated following. The serene views from their estate add to the exclusivity of the tasting experience, making it a must-visit for those in the know.

Schmidt Family Vineyards: The Artisanal Gem

The Schmidt Family Vineyards have earned their place in the pantheon of cult wines through a commitment to handcrafted winemaking and a deep connection to the land. Their artisanal approach has led to the creation of wines that reflect the unique character of their vineyards.  Especially their Syrah. The winery’s intimate atmosphere and the personal touch in every bottle have cultivated a loyal community of wine aficionados who treasure the Schmidt family's creations.

These wineries represent the pinnacle of the Rogue Valley's wine scene, each with a story as captivating as their wines. The experience of tasting these cult wines is not merely about indulgence—it's about participating in a legacy of excellence and a celebration of the region's winemaking prowess.

VIII.  Boutique, Custom, and Small Wineries

Ashland's boutique wineries offer a unique opportunity to connect with the passionate individuals behind the wines. These intimate settings provide a personal touch that large-scale producers simply cannot match. Let's uncork the stories of boutique wineries where you can often meet the owner or winemaker and truly understand the soul poured into every bottle.

Eliana Wines: The Visionary's Craft

At Eliana, you'll be greeted by the warm hospitality and rich narratives of Brian Jordaan, the visionary behind the label. Brian's dedication to crafting exceptional wines is palpable in every conversation and every glass poured. His hands-on approach and the love for his craft resonate throughout the unique farm stand with a view experience, offering a personal insight into the meticulous process that goes into Eliana's beloved wines. In addition, a dose of comedy and wit will accompany and make for a memorable experience.

Resistance Wine Co.: The Heart and Soul Duo

Kirk and Kimberly, the dynamic duo behind Resistance Wine Co., are the embodiment of Ashland's spirited wine community. Stepping into their world, you're not just a guest; you're part of the family. The couple's enthusiasm for winemaking and their commitment to quality are infectious, making a visit to Resistance a memorable journey into the heart of boutique winemaking.  Kirk’s background in Financial Technology, stand-up comedy, and public speaking along with Kimberly’s award winning wine skills (to go along with her legal skills) make these world travelers a great pairing with their “best in class” wines.

Sound and Vision Winery: The Artist's Palette

Joe Chepolis and Carmen Nydegger of Sound and Vision Winery brings an artist's touch to his winemaking to Rogue Valley Wine Country, treating each varietal like a piece in a gallery. His creative expression through wine reflects a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. Meeting Joe is a dive into his philosophy where wine is an art form, each bottle a canvas, and every vintage a new masterpiece.

In these boutique wineries, the experience is as exclusive as the wines themselves. Meeting the owner or winemaker adds a layer of connection and depth to the tasting experience. It's here, in the handshake with Brian, the conversation with Kirk and Kimberly, or the storytelling with Joe, that the essence of Ashland's boutique wine scene truly shines.

IX. Entertainment with a Side of Wine: Medford and Ashland's Vibrant Vino Venues

For those who believe that a glass of world class wine is best enjoyed with live entertainment, these Rogue Valley's wineries offer an array of venues where the sipping comes with a soundtrack or a show. Here's where the revelry of the Rogue Valley comes alive, pairing the region's finest wines with music, performances, and an atmosphere of festivity.

Grizzly Peak Winery: The Symphonic Heights

Grizzly Peak Winery doesn't just offer wine; it presents the best of live music Rogue Valley with a symphony of experiences. Set against a backdrop of stunning mountain views, their summer concert series with live music is a not-to-be-missed event for music and wine lovers alike. Savor their acclaimed wine as you listen to the strumming of guitars and the melodies that fill the cool evening air, creating a multisensory delight.

Edenvale Winery: A Historical Stage

At Edenvale Winery, history and harmony converge. Housed in a restored barn with rustic charm, their events range from jazz nights to classical ensembles. Here, the wines are rich with heritage and the entertainment is as thoughtfully curated as their vintages. Whether it's a lively band or a solo act, the performances at Edenvale provide a perfect accompaniment to their robust selection of wines.

Hummingbird Estate: Wine Flights and Delightful Nights

Hummingbird Estate offers more than just a tasting; it's an invitation to indulge in the estate's history while enjoying local musicians and entertainers. With their sprawling lawns and elegant tasting room, every event feels like a private festival where the wine flows as freely as the laughter and music.

Eliana Wines: Sip to the Rhythm

Eliana Wines understands that wine tasting is a celebration, often hosting events where the clinking of glasses keeps time with the beat of live bands. The energy of their gatherings is infectious, and the connection between the wine, the land, and the sounds of joy is palpable. At Eliana, every event is an opportunity to toast to life's great pleasures.

In these venues, wine and entertainment are entwined, each enhancing the other. The performances add a dynamic dimension to the tasting experience, making every sip a moment to remember. Whether you're a connoisseur of the arts or a lover of lively gatherings, these wineries offer the perfect stage to enjoy the vibrant culture of Ashland's wine scene.

X.  Adventure to Relaxation: Wineries for the Outdoor Enthusiast

Ashland's surrounding natural playgrounds, from the heights of Grizzly Peak to the trails of Table Rock and the Ashland Watershed, offer the perfect setting for outdoor activities like hiking, mountain biking, and skiing. Following these invigorating experiences, three local wineries offer the perfect setting for the weary adventurer to unwind and relish the fruits of the region.

Resistance Wine Co.: The Urban Oasis

After a day of adventure, Resistance Wine Co. in the heart of downtown Ashland offers an accessible urban oasis for outdoor enthusiasts.  On your ride back from Rogue River just off of the Bear Creek Bike path, this boutique winery is a space where the contemporary meets the comfortable, inviting hikers, bikers, and skiers to relax in a setting that celebrates the adventurous spirit. Sip on their bold Syrah or Malbec as you exchange tales of the day’s exploits and enjoy the ambiance of this modern retreat.

Eliana Wines: The Serene Escape

Eliana Wines, with its tranquil setting, is an ideal stop for those descending from the surrounding peaks. Here, the expansive views of the vineyard offer a serene backdrop to reflect and rejuvenate. Their exquisite wines serve as a reward for the day's exertions, offering a soothing balm to the outdoor enthusiast’s soul. Taste their acclaimed Bordeaux blends as you lounge in the peaceful environs, a perfect counterpoint to the day's rugged activities.  Go ahead and give yourself a good challenge and ride your bike up the hills to Eliana!

Irvine & Roberts Vineyards: The Elegant Denouement

As you leave the rugged trails, Irvine & Roberts Vineyards presents an elegant denouement to a day spent in the wilderness. Located just outside of Ashland, it's a short journey to this winery where the elegance of the tasting room complements the natural beauty of the Rogue Valley. The vineyard’s Pinot Noir and Chardonnay are reflective of the region's climate and terrain, making each sip a continuation of the outdoor experience. Gather with friends to savor these wines as you look out over the vineyards and recount the day's adventures.

These wineries are not just stops on a route; they are destinations in their own right, providing the perfect atmosphere to transition from the exhilaration of Ashland's outdoor activities to the relaxation and enjoyment of some of the best wines Southern Oregon has to offer.

Conclusion: Wine Tasting Planning Your Wine Tasting Adventure in Ashland Tips

Ashland, with its rich tapestry of cultural and outdoor activities, offers an abundance of experiences for wine enthusiasts of all stripes. Whether you're an art aficionado, a theater devotee, a solo explorer, or part of a larger group, here's a short guide to curating your perfect wine tasting journey amidst the cultural gem that is Ashland.

Tips for Aligning Wine Tasting with Cultural Experiences:

- Art and Wine: Schedule a visit to local galleries on Ashland’s First Friday Art Walk, then cap off your evening with a wine tasting at nearby wineries like Resistance Wine Co. or Eliana, where the artistic vibe continues.

- Theater and Wine: If you're attending a play at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival or other local theaters, select wineries like Irvine & Roberts Vineyards offer the perfect pre-show tasting experience. Consider a post-show debrief with a glass of wine at a downtown spot like Resistance Wine Co. for a lively discussion of the performance.

Practical Advice for Different Visitor Types:

- Art Lovers: Look for wineries that feature art installations or galleries, and inquire about events or exhibitions that may coincide with your visit.

- Theater-Goers: Choose wineries with extended evening hours or those that offer special tastings on show days to accommodate your theater schedule.

- Solo Travelers: Seek out wineries that offer communal tasting tables or bar seating, which provide opportunities to interact with fellow wine lovers and the staff.

- Groups: For groups, it's essential to book in advance. Look for wineries with ample space and group-friendly activities, which may include guided tours or private tasting areas.

Booking Tastings and Planning Visits:

- Advance Reservations: Many wineries in Ashland require or recommend reservations, especially for larger parties. Book ahead to secure your spot.

- Tasting Fees: Be aware of tasting fees and policies regarding their waiver with a purchase. This can vary from one winery to another. Oregon law prohibits giving away free alcohol.

- Transportation: Consider how you'll get to and from your tastings. Ashland offers local transportation options, and there are services that specialize in wine tours, providing safe transit and an informed guide.

- Local Accommodations: If you're extending your wine tasting into a longer stay, choose accommodations that are central to the activities you plan to enjoy. Many local lodgings offer packages with wineries or cultural events.

- Seasonal Considerations: Ashland's wineries are seasonal, with many offering outdoor tastings and special events in the warmer months. Check seasonal hours and offerings to plan accordingly.

By incorporating these tips into your planning, you can ensure a rich and varied wine tasting experience in Ashland, tailored to your interests and schedule. Whether it's aligning your tastings with a cultural event or ensuring a comfortable and engaging visit for your group, a little forethought will go a long way in creating a memorable wine adventure.  it is important to note there are tons more great wineries in the Rogue Valley, so if we missed you or you think we should include one please let us know! 

By: Kirk Drake, Resistance Wine Co.


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