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Resistance Wine Company
July 18, 2023 | Resistance Wine Company

AI Kirk

In 2016, Kimberly Drake and I embarked on a crazy journey to move across the US and start a winery in southern Oregon. We have learned that we have different working styles, but we love the wine and each other and laugh at the adventure and journey.

The original brand came about in the middle of the crazy polarizing political environment of the past few years. We needed to sell our first vintage of wine in our hometown of Ashland, Oregon. We thought, surely if we came up with a political protest brand we could sell anything here...hence the name was born - Resistance Wine Co.

Then we fell in love with the brand and all that it represents.

We struggled to find the brand's voice in the political fray since Kimberly and I have differing views on politics, corporate roles, and embracing or repelling certain topics. However, wine should be tasty, fun, celebratory, memorable, and anti-ordinary!

Over the past year, we have been refreshing and reimagining the Resistance brand. The direction is creative, unusual, a bit scrappy, and fun. We hope to take the pretentiousness out of wine and make it more approachable and exciting.  
Click here to see the progress

The new website has lots of color, is a bit more tongue and cheek and we now encourage resisting "the ordinary" instead of controversial politics.

All that said, our final touch was to change Kimberly Drake and my profile pictures on the site as the founders.
We started with an attempt by an artist to draw carnival-style caricatures. They were horrible and I am pretty sure Kimberly would have divorced me if she ever saw hers.

So, I have attempted to use mid-journey with no success.

Here is my first attempt - WARNING - These are graphic and disturbing...

The first one was tolerable other than I wanted a simple black and white single felt tip pen drawing that captured my essence. Oh- also I only apparently have four fingers (not that there is anything wrong with that).

The second was laughable in its application of a Tuscan-style backdrop, weird hat, and awkward stance. (A very ordinary image for a winery owner).

The third though just makes me uncomfortable. It looks like Seth Rogen and Carrot Top had a baby. Why would it insert a V-neck t-shirt? Who is that unfaced woman in the background? What does all of this craziness mean?

Anyway, if anyone knows how to get a prompt to work for this let me know! I have a dozen other epic fails.


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