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Kirk Drake
November 1, 2023 | Kirk Drake

Pour Decisions: The One-Bottle Blunder You Don't Want to Make

As newlyweds, Kimberly and I had our hearts set on an Australian adventure. The destination? Barossa Valley, a name that's practically synonymous with exceptional Syrah. Yet, as fate would have it, we arrived just a week after the famed Shiraz Festival, and it seemed the valley had poured out all its liquid treasures.

When One Door Closes, A Cellar Opens
Just when we thought our quest for Syrah would be left unquenched, we were guided to a winery that uses a historic basket press and everything is done by hand. Built in the style of an 1850s stone cottage and barn, this winery was a time capsule of traditional winemaking. Not only is it beautiful but the hand care made for exceptional wine. 

A Regrettable Oversight
The wine was a revelation—every sip was like tasting history and craftsmanship. Yet, in a move we'd regret for years, we left without purchasing a case. This trip was just after 9/11 and shipping a case was more expensive than the wine. We figured we would just "find it" in the US or via Google when we returned. Searches across the U.S. yielded nothing; it was as if that Syrah was a phantom, haunting our palates.

A Serendipitous Reunion
Five years later, in a quaint wine shop in Carmel, California, we stumbled upon those elusive Basket Press bottles. We bought three, each one a liquid memento of that special trip. Over the years, we've uncorked them to celebrate significant milestones—a new job, a new house, anniversaries. 

The Timelessness of a Bottle
Each bottle we open transports us back to that Australian adventure, reaffirming not just our love for Syrah, but for each other. It's a testament to the power of wine to encapsulate memories, flavors, and emotions, all waiting to be released with the pull of a cork. Someday we will get back to Australia for the Shiraz festival! 

So here's to Basket Press Winery, to serendipity, and to a love that, much like a fine Syrah, only gets better with time.
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Author: Kirk Drake, Champion and Primary Influencer of the Financial and Oenophile Sectors_  


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