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Kirk Drake
April 13, 2024 | Kirk Drake

Why Does Food Taste SOOO Much Better in Italy? The Tale of Brick Chicken and Chianti

In the heart of Tuscany, enveloped by the serene embrace of rolling hills and vibrant vineyards, lies Locanda dell'Amorosa. This erstwhile 14th-century fortified farmstead, which once belonged to the illustrious Piccolomini family—a lineage that boasts Pope Pius II among its distinguished members—now serves as a beacon of hospitality and a testament to the region's rich history. (currently under renovation)…It was here, beneath the watchful gaze of ancient cypress trees that stand as silent guardians to the estate's grand entrance, that Kirk and Kimberly found themselves, not just as travelers, but as souls in search of the quintessential Tuscan experience.   To be fair – it wasn’t an accident – Kimbelry planned it…

Kirk, with his unquenchable thirst for adventure had wanted to go to Italy. Kimberly, whose love for wine, travel and insatiable research that matched her partner's zest for life, found in Tuscany's embrace a unique treasure. Their stay at Locanda dell'Amorosa was not merely a choice; it was Kimberly's design, a perfect backdrop for some great wine, food, and dreaming about having our own winery.

We explored nearby Sienna and other small Italian villages during the day and leisurely hung out in the hamlet's sprawling estate, where history whispered from every nook and cranny.  Evenings were reserved for the pursuit of gastronomic delight, aka dinner. This quest that saw them exploring the depths of Tuscany's celebrated culinary heritage. Yet, it was a simple off-resort escapade to a quaint local restaurant that became the highlight of their journey—a culinary adventure that would etch itself in their memories forever.

Nestled in a picturesque corner of the countryside, the restaurant was a revelation. It was there that Kirk and Kimberly encountered the epitome of Tuscan cuisine—a perfectly roasted brick chicken that was nothing short of a culinary masterpiece. The chicken, with its crispy skin and succulent flesh, was complemented by a side of pasta dressed in a homemade pesto that seemed to capture the essence of the region's flavors. The meal was accompanied by a bottle of Chianti Classico which, with its robust body and exquisite balance, served as the perfect testament to Tuscany's winemaking prowess. The evening was more than a meal; it was a celebration of culture, love, and the simple pleasures of life.  And to be clear.- we had never had chicken that good before or since.

To this day, the mere mention of that evening brings a warm smile to Kimberly's lips and a sparkle to Kirk's eye. Despite their extensive travels and numerous culinary experiences, the couple has yet to find a recipe that can rival the brick chicken they savored that night.  It’s not for a lack of effort. The memory of their stay at Locanda dell'Amorosa, coupled with the flavors and friendships they encountered, remains a cherished chapter in their life's adventure. Tuscany, with its undulating landscapes, historic estates, and culinary delights, had offered them a glimpse into a world where time slows down, and the joy of living is found in the simplest of moments. For Kirk and Kimberly, it was a reminder that sometimes, the most profound discoveries are made not in the grandiose or the extravagant, but in the warmth of a smile and the taste of a meal shared with someone you love.


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