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Things We Resist ... A Blog

One of the first questions we get about Resistance Wine Company is – What are you resisting?

We’re glad you asked!

We want to make (and drink) amazingly good wine and not cringe about what is in it or how it is made.  We resist winemaking practices that sacrifice quality in the name of quantity or profit margin. Look for more from us in the future about how our wine is – and isn’t – grown, made and packaged.

Resistance Wine Company

Chardonnay with Extra Butter, Please

Do you like your chardonnay like you like your popcorn – rich and buttery? That may be diacetyl you’re snuffling. Diacetyl is a compound that is naturally present in wines that undergo malolactic fermentation, which is commonly referred to as “ML” or “secondary fermentation.” In other words, after yeast turn grape juice sugars into alcohol (aka “primary fermentation”), a strain of bacteria turns malic acid in the wine into lactic acid. But what’s the difference between the two acids?  Continue »

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