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Kirk Drake
October 21, 2023 | Kirk Drake

The Unconventional Elixir: A Day with Raccolto di Bruno Wines

In the labyrinthine streets of Manduria, Italy, where olive groves intersect with vineyards, Kimberly, Kirk, and their friend Mark Zook stumbled upon an unassuming treasure: Raccolto di Bruno Wines (the story is 100% true, but we changed the name since we don’t have their permission…if you want the real name dm me!). This wasn't your typical Napa Valley escapade, replete with lavish tasting rooms and orchestrated tours. No, this was an 'urban winery,' a term that barely does justice to the gritty, authentic experience that awaited them.

The Hidden Gem

After navigating a narrow, farm-dotted street, our intrepid trio found themselves at the doorstep of what seemed to be a warehouse. Having made an appointment, they knocked. The door creaked open, revealing a rustic interior that emanated the heady scent of fermented grapes and oak barrels. The air was thick with the aroma of an oenophile’s dream, tinged with the earthy notes of decades-old traditions.

An Appointment with Surprise

"Ah, you're here!" said the proprietor, who seemed genuinely surprised to see them. "Benvenuti! Welcome!"

Thus began an afternoon of wine tasting that transcended the mere sensory appreciation of fine vintages. This was a deep dive into the intricate tapestry of viticulture, where each sip told a story and each story was a tribute to the art and science of winemaking.

Bruno, the Four-Legged Vintner

What set this experience apart was not just the high-caliber wine, but the stories behind its creation. Enter Bruno, a farm horse who, against the backdrop of automated agriculture, still played an integral role in tilling the soil and nurturing the grapevines. These vines, we learned, are all 'head-trained,' a labor-intensive process that allows each vine to be an individual, not just a cog in a wine-making machine. This level of dedication shined through each bottle we tasted, a harmonious blend of terroir, craftsmanship, and a dash of equine energy.

The Birth of Resistance Wine Co.

It was unconventional experiences like these that inspired Kimberly, and Kirk to launch Resistance Wine Co. Just as Raccolto di Bruno Wines defied norms with its urban setting and old-world methods, Resistance Wine Co. aims to disrupt the wine industry, one exceptional bottle at a time. As we raise our glasses to future adventures, we can't help but toast to the boutique wineries that fuel our passion and our palates.

An Invitation

For those of you thinking about your next important dinner or looking to create a unique memory, imagine bringing the same level of unconventional brilliance to your wine glass. Ah, yes—disruption never tasted so good.

Cheers to the resistance. Cheers to Raccolto di Bruno. Cheers to you.


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