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Kirk Drake
May 4, 2024 | Kirk Drake

Ashland Oregon Weather - Why it is great for Ashland Wineries

Ashland, Oregon's Unique Weather: Perfect for Vineyards

Ashland, Oregon is renowned not just for its vibrant culture, epitomized by the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, but also for its exceptional wine-growing conditions. Often compared to Spain's prestigious Rioja region, Ashland boasts a unique combination of geographical and climatic features ideal for viticulture.

Geography & Ashland Oregon Climate:

Rogue Valley WeatherNested in the picturesque Siskiyou Mountains, Ashland experiences a climate with over 200 ripening days annually, similar to Rioja. This is crucial for developing the complex flavors in grapes. The diurnal temperature variation—hot days followed by cool nights—is particularly beneficial, mimicking conditions that have long supported renowned wine regions globally.

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Microclimates in Southern Oregon:

The diverse microclimates around Ashland allow a variety of grape varietals to thrive. Each microclimate caters to different varietals, optimizing growth and flavor profiles, which is pivotal for producing our distinctive wines.  Walk around the farm and you can find 10 to 15 degree temperature sways on any given day.

Resistance Wine Company’s Offerings:

- Syrah and Malbec: These varietals benefit from Ashland’s prolonged growing days, which ensure full ripening. The cool nights maintain necessary acidity, giving our wines their robust yet balanced profile.

- Sauvignon Blanc: Thrives in cooler spots, benefiting from the slower ripening that highlights its crisp acidity and vibrant flavors.

- Our upcoming Cabernet Sauvignon and Tempranillo: Showcases the versatility of Ashland’s terroir, these wines will embody the depth and complexity afforded by our optimal wine growing conditions.






Sunshine and Growing Days:

Ashland enjoys nearly 2,800 hours of sunshine annually with a growing season that often extends from April through October, conditions that are perfect for sustainable winemaking. This generous sunshine and extensive growing period allow grapes to mature gracefully, enriching their flavors and aromas.

In essence, Ashland's climate, much like the other celebrated Oregon wine regions, offers an ideal backdrop for cultivating a range of grape varietals. At Resistance Wine Company, we capitalize on these natural benefits, crafting wines that reflect our unique Oregon wine experience. From our well-loved Syrah to the highly anticipated releases of Cabernet Sauvignon and Tempranillo, each bottle is a testament to Ashland's extraordinary winemaking conditions.


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