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Things We Resist ... A Blog

One of the first questions we get about Resistance Wine Company is – What are you resisting?

We’re glad you asked!

We want to make (and drink) amazingly good wine and not cringe about what is in it or how it is made.  We resist winemaking practices that sacrifice quality in the name of quantity or profit margin. Look for more from us in the future about how our wine is – and isn’t – grown, made and packaged.

Kirk Drake
November 10, 2023 | Kirk Drake

A Super Tuscan Trip

Tuscany, a name that evokes images of rolling vineyards and sun-kissed landscapes, was ...  Continue »

Kirk Drake
November 1, 2023 | Kirk Drake

Pour Decisions: The One-Bottle Blunder You Don't Want to Make

As newlyweds, Kimberly and I had our hearts set on an Australian adventure. The destination? Barossa Valley, a name that's practically synonymous with...  Continue »

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Kirk Drake
October 27, 2023 | Kirk Drake

Roads Less Traveled: A Kelowna Expedition with Kimberly, Kirk, and Darryl, Our Maestro of Wine

As we wrapped up our Kelowna adventure, it occurred to me that the best memories are like a well-blended wine—rich, complex, and lingering long after the moment has passed. Thanks to Darryl's meticulous planning and deep passion, this trip was precisely that...  Continue »

Kirk Drake
October 21, 2023 | Kirk Drake

Wine Castle + Good Friends + Beautiful Night + Surprise Champaign Tasting = Awesome

We had spent the afternoon trying to find the place. At one point, the google, took us down a dirt road that got perpetually narrower until we could just simply go no...  Continue »

Kirk Drake
October 21, 2023 | Kirk Drake

The Unconventional Elixir: A Day with Raccolto di Bruno Wines

In the labyrinthine streets of Manduria, Italy, where olive groves intersect with vineyards, Kimberly, Kirk, and their friend Mark stumbled upon an unassuming treasure...  Continue »